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Hydrolife VIP - Premium
  • Hydrolife VIP - Premium
  • Also available with hand shower
  • Hydrolife VIP - Premium
  • Hydrolife VIP - Premium
  • Hydrolife VIP - Premium

Hydrolife VIP - Premium

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'Water Server':

This system plugs under your faucet, and therefore remains invisible, without taking up space on your worktop.
Produces hydrogenated water on request (so without waiting time).

Premium Version : with an additional filter holder, thus offering you 3 filters and a water dynamizer (WCA - vortex system)

Is included in the offer: a Blanco faucet with two outlets: hot/cold water and hydrogenated water, with hand shower

Delivery within two weeks


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Premium version (3 filters + dynamizer):

- Activated carbon (carbon mineral), against impurities of organic origin, pesticides and herbicides, chlorine, benzene, radon, solvents.
- Sediments (limestone, rust, fine particles)
- UF membrane: eliminates pollen, algae, bacteria, viruses, germs and organic molecules.
- WCA: water dynamizer, according to the work of Viktor Schauberger

The undersink VIP model requires a 220V power supply (under the countertop).
The electrical and sanitary installation of this product is not included in the price.
We are happy to advise your installers.
The flat rate is 250.- CHF for the installation of a socket 220 under the sink, and 250.- CHF for the sanitary installation.

The solution with the double-track faucet thus makes it possible to keep your worktop as it is, without making any additional holes.


Brand: Hydrolife
Model: VIP 'undersink'
Volume: Direct debit
Hydrogen density: 1.2 ppm max. (1200ppb)
ORP: ~-580mV
PH: Value of your faucet
Two filters: activated carbon and sediment
Power: AC 110 / 220V - DC 12V 6A
Filter: duration 6 to 12 months
Time: Immediate
Dimension: 32 length x 11 Width x 32 Height (cm)

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