Free radicals are 'oxidizing' elements, and harmful to our health!
Hydrogenated water is one of the most powerful 'anti-oxidant', without any chemicals!
Our 'Lourdes', 'VIP', 'Table', 'Hendy' machines allow you to produce your own hydrogenated water at home, at the touch of a button, with tap water!

Free radicals

A free radical is a molecule or atom that has a 'single' electron... that is, an electron that is not bound to another atom or molecule. Because of this, this 'free radical' is unstable, and it will seek to stabilize to the detriment of neighboring atoms/molecules... who in turn will become 'free radicals', and so on... it is the 'chain of misfortune'!

Because indeed, this process is harmful to our health. Free radicals are associated with aging. They are at the origin of oxidative stress that plays a role in different age-related disorders or diseases: skin wrinkles, cataracts, cancers...

Breathing, smoking, infections, inflammations, stress, sun exposure, exposure to pollutants, accol, side effects of certain drugs, excessive food intake are factors that promote the development of free radicals.

So how can we fight against these free radicals, which are bad for our health?

1) Reduce sources of oxidative stress (tobacco, stress, pollutants, etc.)

2) Consume natural products that reduce oxidative stress:
Berries are the most antioxidant: blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, raspberries, strawberries and prunes. On the vegetable side, these are beetroot, artichoke, asparagus, broccoli, red cabbage, yellow pepper and potatoes (especially those with colored flesh). And we must not forget legumes, especially white beans, pinto and kidneys.

3) Hydrogenated water! Hydrogenated water is 'normal' water (from the tap, bottle, filtered) which by the simple principle of electrolysis of water will be charged with hydrogen, dissolved in water (a bit like carbon dioxide, with the difference that hydrogenated water is not 'gaseous' - you do not feel the gas dissolved). Hydrogenated water (colorless, odorless, non-toxic) will directly attack free radicals and neutralize them (by rebalancing them, giving them the electron they lack)!

Hydrogenated water, a powerful antioxidant

... and therefore a powerful "anti-free radical"!

Hydrogenated water will effectively fight against free radicals.

Hydrogenated water is distinguished by a very low redox potential (E) or "oxidation-reduction potential" (ORP), from -200mV to -580mV depending on the device, making it one of the most powerful anti-oxidant reducing products in the world.

Translated into redox, relative hydrogen or electronic potential rH2 according to the formula rH2 = 33.8 x ORP (in volt) + 2pH, we obtain values between -8 and +10 which corresponds to the values of the best foods of health and vitality (lacto-fermented products, organic fruits and vegetables, sprouted seeds, algae, etc.) or even higher!

Machine ORP
Hendy -200
Table -350
Heavy -450
VIP -580

Our machines to produce hydrogenated water:

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