The University Hospital of Grenoble (University Hospital Center) has started a study on the benefits of hydrogenated water in connection with covid (corona virus).

In this article by France Inter (click here) you will see that hydrogenated water is known "for its anti-inflammatory interest thanks to its antioxidant properties", as explained by Professor Philippe Cinquin.

He also explains that the hydrogen molecule "is reductive (therefore anti-oxidant) and quickly absorbed by the blood and the pulmonary filter. It is able to capture reactive oxygen species, species that trigger inflammatory mechanisms."

The postulation is therefore that hydrogen can "interrupt the cascade of inflammatory reactions that occur during Covid-19, leading to hospitalization."

You can also find here the article of the CHU (click here) itself, asking for participants in the program.

Case to follow...!

P.S.: The CHU proposes to the participants in this test to produce hydrogenated water with magnesium capsules. The water produced is identical (water enriched with H2), with the difference that with our machines, you produce as much water as you want, without having to use a capsule each time.