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Hendy - with internal battery
  • Hendy - with internal battery

Hendy - with internal battery

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Portable water bottle, with rechargeable battery (via mobile phone charger)

Hydrogenated water product with an ORP = -200 mV

Hydrogenated water is a powerful antioxidant: stay healthy, and fight effectively against free radicals, sources of many diseases (learn more here)

Portable device turns tap water into hydrogenated water

Equipped with 2 titanium plates, it is able to produce water with an ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) at levels of -200 in just 3 minutes!
Lower levels can be achieved by repeating the cycle.

Tritan container, BPA, BPS and bisphemols free (more here)

Comes with 3 mineral capsules.

Capacity: 430 ml

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