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Lourdes New (new model)
  • Lourdes New (new model)
  • Lourdes New (new model)
  • Lourdes New (new model)
  • Lourdes New (new model)
  • Lourdes New (new model)

Lourdes New (new model)

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New model with LCD screen! Even easier to use
New: with 50 cotton masks, antibacterial, in individual packaging.
You will be able to make masks with hydrogenated water, unparalleled to moisturize the skin of your face!

This device produces hydrogenated water with high antioxidant potential. Its purpose is to prevent and combat the harmful effects of free radicals.

Hydrogenated water product with an ORP = -450 mV

Anti-oxidant: see our article here

Disinfectant: see our article here

With a visual display system, as well as illumination in red (O2) or blue (H2) of the produced water.

Tritan container, BPA, BPS, or bisphemols free (more here)



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This model produces hydrogenated water (in 10, 20 or 30 minutes), as well as hydrogen permeated water.
Hydrogen peroxide is a disinfectant, allowing your machine to be easily cleaned every week.
Hydrogen peroxide, with the addition of salt, allows the disinfection of floors, worktops, toilets, etc ...

Two functions:

1. Hydrogenization of water, powerful anti-free radicals, a considerable health benefit: one of the most antioxidant products in the world, hydrogenated water.
2. It also produces disinfectant water that can be used to clean fruits and vegetables, also causing them to keep for longer.

  • Cleaning of the kitchen, dishes, windows, etc ...
  • Eradication of bacteria (see our article on the site)
  • Disinfection of wounds.
  • Solve acne pimples and other skin problems.

Brand: Hydrolife
Model: Lourdes
Volume: 1.8 liters maximum
Hydrogen density: 1.2 ppm max. (1200ppb)
ORP: -450~
PH: Value of your faucet
Time: 10 - 20 or 30 min
Power: AC 110/220V - DC 24V 1A
Dimension: 33 length x 16 Width x 31 Height (cm)


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