Hydrolife Multi - monthly
  • Hydrolife Multi - monthly
  • Hydrolife Multi - monthly
  • Hydrolife Multi - monthly
  • Hydrolife Multi - monthly
  • Hydrolife Multi - monthly

Hydrolife Multi - monthly

No tax

New : Monthly payments !

Pay only : 99.17 CHF per month. First payment of 99.17 CHF here, then 99.17 CHF on Stripe.
(= 198.33 CHF in total, 39 CHF admin tax included)
The machine will be delivered to you.
Then 12 payments of 99.17 CHF
Date Amount Description
07/13/24 99.17 CHF Down payment (when you buy the item here)
Admin tax included : 39.00 CHF
07/13/24 99.17 CHF Stripe inscription (You will find the link in the order confirmation email)
The machine is delivered to you.
Down payment total = 198.33 CHF
08/13/24 99.17 CHF Payment 1/12
09/13/24 99.17 CHF Payment 2/12
10/13/24 99.17 CHF Payment 3/12
11/13/24 99.17 CHF Payment 4/12
12/13/24 99.17 CHF Payment 5/12
01/13/25 99.17 CHF Payment 6/12
02/13/25 99.17 CHF Payment 7/12
03/13/25 99.17 CHF Payment 8/12
04/13/25 99.17 CHF Payment 9/12
05/13/25 99.17 CHF Payment 10/12
06/13/25 99.17 CHF Payment 11/12
07/13/25 99.17 CHF Payment 12/12
Total is 1388.33 CHF

New: monthly payments
Pay for your machine over 12 months

Valid in Switzerland for now
By credit card only

Our new machine!

It produces :

- Filtered water (3 successive filters)

- Hydrogenated water (1400ppb)

- Chilled water (10 degrees)

- Instantly heated water (in 3 seconds, up to 100 degrees)

Produce your own mineral water!

Your water will be filtered, hydrogenated, and enriched with minerals (potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium)

Moreover, no need to put your water bottles in the fridge: our Multi machine refrigerates your water on demand!

With a UV lamp for disinfection inside the machine, intelligent filter purging, easy filter change, etc...

Alimentation: En direct : connecté au réseau d'eau


Return policy

A smart, practical, design machine:

- Water filtration via 3 filters

   1) PAC composite filter (two filters in one):

       polypropylene / PP cotton - removes sediment, rust, sand, suspended solids

       Activated carbon core: removes chlorine, dyes, odors

   2) Reverse osmosis filter

       Filters impurities down to 0.0001 microns: bacteria, viruses, chemical residues / pesticides, radioactive particles,

   3) Filters through 18 minerals: potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, etc...

- Produces hydrogenated water

   This water is known for its powerful antioxidant power (see our other articles)

   The production is automatic, and the H2 concentration is >1400 ppb.

   A special 500ml tank is always ready to deliver filtered and hydrogenated water.

   4th generation SPE technology

- Produces cold/hot water

  Fast production of cold (10 degrees) or hot water (6 temperatures to choose from) 

- Automatic disinfection

  An internal UV lamp disinfects your tanks

- Automatic purging of the filters and the machine

  No stagnant water: the machine purges itself when necessary

- Available in two versions:

   1) Connected directly to the water network

   2) With an integrated 6 liter tank (this version can be placed anywhere)

Size of the machine:

Without tank: 360x240x430 mm

With tank: 475x240x430 mm

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