1- Go to our website www.hydrolife-shop.ch

2- Click on 'Login', at the top of the screen

3- Enter your email address (the one you gave when registering on the site, the one on which you receive our communications). If you have forgotten your password (or if this is your first login), click on 'Forgot Password'.

4- You then access your account. Here you can see:

- Information about you

- The details of your orders, etc ...

The last two blocks are of particular interest to us:

5- Affiliate Program

Here you can find your personal promo code (here: TQJJTRT3). Pass this code on to your contacts. When they enter this code in their cart, at the time of payment, they will get 10% discount, and you will automatically receive your commission.

6- My balance

Here you can check your 'balance' (the total of your commissions).

As soon as this total exceeds CHF 50.- you can request to have this amount transferred to your bank account or to PayPal.